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The BARF diet has transformed my two dogs (Micah and Harley) from picky eaters to contented eaters. I've seen an improvement in coat and skin.

- Kimberly Coulter
Cumberland, RI

For the first time in 12 years, we actually see Keefer excited to eat and enjoying his food. We are hoping to see continued improvement with Keefer's skin issues. I just wish I would have had him on this diet years ago.

- Bj Edmunds-Luedke
Bloomington, IL

I am very Pleased with the product and service!! My bulldog puppy never leaves a scrap of food in his bowl, and his coat is without the dander he had while on a kibble diet. As advertised, his stool is "tight" and has lost its odor! He beats his "devour" time each day, it seems to me! Thank you!!

- John Philip
Medford, OR

Just a little note to let you know the patties arrived safely and I thawed one out to see what Lali thought of it. This is one little dog who must have eaten from the table as she doesn't recognize anything remotely "dog", including anything raw I have so far tried. Well, believe it or not, she carefully sniffed her very strange patty, walked around the bowl a couple of times for good measure...and then ate it! Woo-hoo I thought, but what will happen next meal...Well, I am happy to report that Lali loves her BARF food and continues to inhale it!

- Brighthaven - Gail Pope
Santa Rosa, CA

My Havanese mix, Chewy, was underweight and uninterested in his dry dog food. No matter what I tried, he just would not eat enough to gain any weight. I would have to constantly change his kibble because he refused everything. I even tried various different canned foods and, if I found one he seemed to enjoy, it was never for very long. Eventually he would refuse the food and I would have to try and find a new food to feed him.

Because of the constant change in diet, Chewy developed digestive problems and would have frequent accidents throughout the house because of the constant change in diet.

A colleague of mine introduced me to the BARF Diet and, though I was worried that raw dog food would make his digestive problems worse, Chewy was barely eating at that point and losing weight fast, which was much more concerning to me.

At first try, Chewy loved the food and I was ecstatic! His energy improved and his weight began to come back on which was a nice relief. But after about being on the diet for three weeks or so, Chewy suddenly flat out refused his BARF patties. I was worried he would starve again especially since he was already so stubborn. I began to try and supplement the BARF food with other things since I was so worried that he wasn't eating enough. Of course this only created a bigger problem because Chewy realized that if he didn't want to eat his BARF patty, he could always hold out and see what else I would offer him.

Once I realized this, I threw away all the extra bags of kibble and canned food I had around the house and decided that it was time to stop letting him pick and choose his meals. I began by giving him a defrosted patty, cutting it up into cubes with a little bit of garlic powder sprinkled on top. I also had these great freeze-dried chicken liver treats that he ADORED so I took a few and put them in the coffee grinder and sprinkled some of that on his food. If he refused to eat, I would put a cover on the food and put it back in the fridge and try again the next mealtime.

After a week of this, Chewy began to realize that his little "game" was of no use anymore. I'm glad to report that my "BARF brat" now LOVES his food again and is no longer a finicky dog. In the last six years that he's been on BARF, Chewy has not had another "accident" plus he has also gained some much needed weight.

Don't get discouraged if it takes some time to get your dog to switch to BARF because the results are well worth it!

- Amber Keiper
Danville, CA

Kala has no eating problems ever since he started on his Barf diet. I have to admit that before BARF I would be on my hands and knees begging him to eat but NO MORE. Thank you Barf Team.

- Lyndell Quiyou
New York, NY

It's unreal the difference that BARF makes for my cats. We went to a store that used to carry BARF but stopped because of freezer space so we tried another raw diet for the cats. Unfortunately they were just not as satisfied on the other raw diets as they were on the BARF Diet. They would cry and cry for more when I fed them the other raw, so when I switched them back to the BARF Diet, they ate their food and were finally satisfied.

- Sarah Parks
Oklahoma City, OK

First week with BARF and my golden retriever Jake's endless scratching is decreasing. He never ran to his bowl to eat with old diet, now I can't get it into the bowl fast enough. Thanks BARF team.

- Tim Cassidy
Bronx, NY

We tried a bag of the BARF diet for my pups, Walt and Koa, who has digestive issues. They were on it for less than a week and we haven't had any more digestive upsets - no vomiting or diarrhea. They do very well on it and they both love them. Walt and Koa are very happy with the patties and that prompted me to order more.

- Yuneisi Lacuesta
Pasadena, CA

Sammy loves the BARF Diet. The food and the service is just wonderful.

- Kay Cunningham
South Padre Island, TX

Curly is a five month old American Eskimo puppy and he loves the barf diet. He can hardly contain his joy when I am preparing his food and this makes me feel good about giving it to him. He didn't act that way about the dry dog food:-)

- Lisa A Young
Harrisville, NY

My Rott, Jack, starting getting these lumps all over. His hair was coming out and underneath he would have sores- I thought he was going to drop dead! We got him on the BARF patties and his hair started coming back. Now he doesn't have any lumps, he has so much more energy and is eating like a horse. All of the skin problems he had before are gone.

- Sharon Roberts-Tate

Everything arrives properly when I receive my orders. My expectations are always met. Our Bichons love BARF, they always lick their bowls clean!!!

- Nita And Mark Gryan
Hockessin, DE