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MercyMe loves BARF and he has more energy and alertness. He is thriving on your product ! It is helping his yeast problem and the feet chewing has all but stopped.

- Ann Adkisson
Macon, GA

I have noticed their weight is now in line - they have little waists now. There is a little less itching and no gas. Poops are awesome now! They are smaller and seem to disappear quicker than I can pick them up.

- Delia Whitmore
Irving, TX

I cant thank you all enough for saving Charlie's life! Our doggie just turned 7 and he became so ill that he almost didn't recover. End of July 2013 he was shaky and couldn't hold his head up or go near water or food. We rushed him to the hospital and discovered he was diabetic with his glucose at 800. The vet said we have 2 choices, to either administer insulin every 12 hours for the rest of his life or have him put down (that was never going to happen). So he stayed in ICU for 7 days and finally came home. Two weeks ago, my mom called and said Charlie is vomiting uncontrollably and has diarrhea also, so I rushed him to his vet and after blood work he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. The range is to be under 200 and his was 839. The vet gave him tons of injections and sent him home with tons of anti-biotics and many other meds. A week later he started vomiting again and I rushed him back to his vet. Blood work was repeated and his pancreatitis range was now at 1000. The vet called me in with the saddest look on his face and asked what my plan was for Charlie. I began hysterically crying as I couldn't imagine our life without him. The vet said he will go home with way more anti-biotics and meds than before and IV's 2 x a day. He also thought it may be pancreatic cancer. I left there and called Evan at Barf world and all I can say is that call saved our Charlie's life. He got Robert on the phone right away, who faxed me a protocol for pancreatitis. Charlie's was one of the worst cases. Robert informed me as to how serious this was and how much I needed to follow this protocol. I was drained from daily vet visits and administering meds/Iv's. I wasn't able to sleep or eat all week from worry. Needless to say I was a basket case because Charlie was to repeat labs the following week and I knew it was going be the worst news ever. So I took him in on Monday and went back on Tuesday without him to be read the results. The vet called me in as the staff looked on holding their breath. I had called them numerous times a day and they really felt my pain but couldn't help Charlie. When I walked in the room, the vet had a look of confusion on his face. I just knew in my heart that the end for Charlie had come. But it wasn't the end for him!!! The vet said his pancreatic range was 54. I jumped up and down, screaming with joy! Even his staff rejoiced! I told them all that the folks at Barf World saved his life by sending me crucial info. Had I followed this protocol 2 weeks ago, Charlie wouldn't have suffered the way he did and I wouldn't be out thousands of dollars in vet bills. All I can say is these people at Barf world know more than any vet and I will only feed the raw diet to our little guy for the rest of his life.

Barf world, I cant thank you enough for the phone calls and concern. Ive never seen compassion like this before.

Lucy from California

- Lucy Saponjian
Van Nuys, CA

I spell his name Roscoe, he's a big 3 yr old Basset/Beagle mix, almost 60lbs!, and not chubby anymore since he's been on the BARF.

- Kirill Galperin
Brooklyn, NY

We have a 4-year-old German Shepherd and a 17-year-old cock-a-poo and both of these healthy canines have either grown up on the BARF raw diet or spent much of their golden years benefiting from this excellent food.

We chose BARF on the recommendation of a trusted friend, but time and experience has proven that the advice was solid. Our animals are healthy and happy in no small part due to the excellent nutrition they receive from this great food.

We know how important a good diet is to the life and happiness of our animals and we give them the best we can to insure that they will be a part of our family a long time. The only other things we add are love, exercise and excellent veterinary care when needed.

Thank you BARF for providing excellent nutrition for Heidi and Dawg.

- Norma Sweeny
Olmsted Township,

"Within a week of Nikki 2's death, I "Googled" for chows with the hope of finding another Nikki. The next day I received an email from a dog pound in Ohio with an attachment that caught my attention. It showed a poor old chow (she was shaved like Nikki 2) resembling a secondhand lion. I never saw such a pathetic dog! Her head was bend down, mouth open as if to say, "I lost my family. Please help me!" I could not put this out of my mind.

The next day I phones my home in Indiana to the dog pound in Ohio. I was escorted to a room where I waited for my introduction to the little red chow - the secondhand lion.

The door opened and into the room limped "secondhand". She had a terrible limp but in spite of this, she walked straight to me and began to kiss my face. I melted into a pool of tears and embraced my new best friend, returning her kisses with my own. The little chow was dropped off (by her former owner or some samaritan) at the pound. We will never know where she came from…possibly an elder owner who could not afford to keep her and had no choice.

A 6 hour trip with Secondhand resting on the rear seat followed. The next day, I took Secondhand (now "Nikki 3") to the vet.

This all happened several month ago. Today Nikki 3 is recovering in my retirement home for old secondhand chows! In the course of Nikki's treatment, I learned of a product which, if used years ago, might have given Nikki a long lease on life. The discovery came too late for Nikki 2 but not too late for those who followed. THE DISCOVERY WAS BARF DOG FOOD.

- Fred Caspari
Long Beach, IN

Dyllard was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease in January of 2015. He was in really bad shape. He’d lost a lot of weight, stopped eating, became very lethargic and was basically at death’s door. Because of the fact that he was such a small dog to begin with, trying to find the right dosage of medication to treat the Cushing’s became a nightmare. I’d given up hope and sadly considered putting him down because his quality of life had declined so. My mom found out about the BARF diet and ordered it for Dyllard. I was skeptical, to say the least. But, it’s been over two years since we started using the BARF diet and I can honestly say that I truly believe that it saved my dog’s life. He’s happy, healthy and full of life and not on any medication for the Cushing’s Disease. I consider everyday that I have with him a gift. This diet really works.
BARF, I can’t thank you enough.

- Renata Early
North Charleston, SC

Meet Diego- Our 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd. He is the love of our life along with all his farm brothers and sisters! From a pup up my husband and I wanted to ensure we fed our boy the very best dog food, but we were a bit grossed out by the breeder suggestion of a raw diet, so we went with Honest Kitchen, a premium dehydrated food that is very highly rated for quality ingredients and top notch manufacturing standards. We fed Diego based on the manufacture's suggestions and even called the company a few times to get feeding tips for our boy. After Diego was approximately 4 months old he started getting repeat severe yeast infections in his ears and on his feet. His coat was dull and his ears were a painful mess. He was at the vet on a regular bases to try new ways to treat and prevent these reoccurrences. It was heartbreaking to watch, and extremely frustrating to figure out. We tried EVERYTHING recommended to us, and spent a FORTUNE on tests and supplements. We even switched meats from the Honest Kitchen selections based on suggestions of meat allergies- but nothing nothing nothing was working.
We finally called the breeder to ask for advice, and once again he advised us to try a raw diet. My husband and I did serious research and landed on BARF World as our top contender, but after all we went through, I wanted to call and talk to the company about their food and the issues we were having. I spend almost an hour on the line with Autumn, and was convinced I had a knowledgeable and compassionate dog lover on the line, but now....... we needed to see if this really worked. The idea of switching to raw just seemed way too easy after all we went through, but we wanted to try anything at that point.
We got our first bags of the raw food with ease and GREAT customer service, but it was not without trepidation we opened the first bag, fully expecting a bloody gross mess. Not only were these patties easy to manage (separated by freezer paper), they looked like frozen patties for humans that you see in the super market (Hmmm- so far I think we can do this!!)- now the true test... would Diego eat them??? I will be honest here in saying that at first he was not quite sure what we put in front of him, but we seasoned the patties up with the liver sprinkles and he never looked back-- and now I am sooooooooooo happy to report- he has never looked or felt better! When we started him on BARF, our poor boy was in the beginning stages of another horrible ear infection. Two weeks in to feeding him BARF, Diego's ears were clean as whistles and he was no longer chewing his feet. One full month into feeding BARF and his coat looked like black and red glass. We are now approximately 4 months in and have had zero infections of any kind. Diego is a working dog and training him was tough when he chronically did not feel well- but now we have made up time and he is at the head of his class--(hold on for a major mom brag moment : )-- he even got asked to star in a dog training video because he is so good looking! That would have NEVER HAPPENED before being on this food.
Net net... we are forever fans, of this amazing food, and the exceptional customer service of this caring company-- take a look at the way this food is sourced and manufactured - that is really really important!!!!! We are not buying any food from foreign countries that do not have proper human grade meat standards-- Many pets have died because of this!
So in conclusion-- OUR THANKS to Barf World for this amazing food, and our happy, healthy beautiful Diego sends his thanks to you also!!
Just look at our boy with those pretty pink ears sitting by his dinner (he loves loves loves the beef patties : )

- Lisa Garcia
Greenwood, NE

Hi Evan and Amber,

- Catherine Moore
Denver, CO

My GSD, Boomer swallowed two small, stuffed toys at class one day. One of them stuck to his intestines and became horribly infected. A month of ultrasounds, antibiotics, and three big surgeries brought him near death. The doctors were all amazed that he lived. Then, at the hospital, they tried to feed him dry dog food. He refused. They tried canned dog food. Again - a refusal. The hospital was over an hour from my home, so I was not constantly with him. When they called about his refusal to eat, I told them he ate only raw food - BARF, of course. When the doctor brought some ground beef for Boomer, the doctor almost lost a hand. After that I was there with the BARF. Boomer is 10 now and in perfect health. I attribute his recovery to his diet. Thanks BARF PEOPLE!

- Anne Hodde
Santa Fe, NM

I have two 18-month-old Boston Terriers that are thriving on the BARF Diet. I am quite knowledgeable about body building and knew that if I put my dogs on a high protein raw diet that their muscle mass would increase.I found the BARF Diet on the internet and thought that the price was quite reasonable compared to similar products out there on the market. The patties are so easy and convenient to feed – just thaw and serve!The first thing that I noticed after feeding my dogs the BARF Diet patties was that my dogs started to bulk up and their coats also began to shine like never before. One of my terriers, Risa, just delivered her first litter of puppies. According to the breeder books, Boston Terriers normally have 3 to 5 puppies per litter and must have a cesarean section done to deliver. Risa had eight puppies naturally and all the puppies are plump and full of life. She is extremely healthy and full of milk.I have had many people remark on the excellent condition both my dogs are in. I am so ecstatic about the results the BARF Diet has had on both of my dogs and I have convinced my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to feed the BARF Diet to their pets as well.I'll never go back to kibble!!!

- Lynn Ann Bogard
Tinton Falls, NJ