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I have noticed their weight is now in line - they have little waists now. There is a little less itching and no gas. Poops are awesome now! They are smaller and seem to disappear quicker than I can pick them up.

- Delia Whitmore
Irving, TX

Panda, my Great Dane, is now 13 years old. At 4 years, her vet thought she would die. None of the 4 vet specialists, no premium kibble, no vet provided diet plan, no medicine helped to stem what resulted in a five months of diarrhea and a 30 pound weight loss. The only meaningful information modern medicine provided was that her intestines were red and swollen.

With the help of a natural pet store I switched to the BARF diet plan. This was before BARF World Inc and indeed other raw food suppliers existed. I bought a grinder, Dr Billinghurst's BARF diet book and began my journey to raw feeding.

The diarrhea stopped immediately; yes, with the first feeding. I could tell from the stool that all of the food was not yet fully digested, understandable given the state of her intestines, but within a week Panda was digesting and gaining weight. What was thought to be a normally thin coat and sensitivity to touch for Panda, probably because she is a white and deaf with a potential for all sorts of genetic and health anomalies, also improved.

No one was more surprised at her return to health than her vet who I returned to for vaccinations (delayed because of the health issues) and an annual check-up. Several years later when a new vet bought the clinic, Panda's story was known to him before I arrived for her first annual physical with him.

Panda is a true success story in our little corner of the world. She continues to thrive on the BARF diet meat and patties that I buy from BARF World. The product quality, timely deliveries and helpful, friendly staff make the raw food feeding experience wonderful for me too.

Also, thank you for the formulation of BARF World [E-BARF Plus] supplement! I have always had large dogs and too many supplements. I have tried the required four and five tablespoons for their size but since my dogs did not care for the flavor, they often refused to eat. With one tablespoon of [E-BARF Plus] my dogs have always eaten their food gladly.

- Wendy Luck
Acworth, GA

My dogs, miniature schnauzers, have both been afflicted with bladder stones and were gaining weight, no matter how much I cut back on their kibble. I had been impressed by the health of a friend's dog who had been put on a whole food diet, and after some research, I found BARF. It's been nearly two years and they are at normal weight, have wonderful coats and no longer have issues with bladder stones. I love BARF, and, more important, so do the dogs. My vet is not convinced but can't argue with the results.

- Sarah Vradenburg
Akron, OH

Bentley was diagnosed with Pancreatitis in Oct. 2015. I did a lot of research on finding ways to treat this and his weight issue. I had him on some other diets that weren't working. I feel very fortunate to have found this product. He has been on this for little over a month and he is doing fantastic. His weight is down and I will be taking him to his Vet in June to have is blood work done to see what his levels are. I do believe they will be much better than they have been as I can certainly see how well he is doing and how much more active he is on the BARF diet!

- Robin Russo
Carrollton, TX

"The BARF diet has cured my dog Dexter of severe diarrhea. When Dexter's on the raw diet his stools come out good but when he's on kibble it comes out loose. Both dogs have so much more energy and never looked better. BARF World has educated me very well on this diet and I'm much happier being able to give my dogs a healthier lifestyle. "

- Orrie Markfeld
North Woodmuir, NY

Mallie Mae is new to the world of BARF! She is a two-and-a half-year old, short coat chihuahua. More importantly, she's the love of my life. She was having pain in her tummy from time to time. Recently the pain became so severe she was hospitalized with a diagnosis of dehydration and severe bloating. A day of treatment with her regular vet and she was feeling much better. Then, to ensure the absolute best care for her well-being, we went to a holistic vet. I had no idea what the doctor would recommend. When she said "BARF" it was definitely a "beg your pardon" moment! She said BARF is the best vendor available with an extraordinary formula and carefully selected and monitored ingredients. (I'm fanatical about such things.) It wasn't a sales pitch, rather a recommendation that I requested after our detailed discussion about the benefits of a raw diet. Raw meat wasn't my idea of a good solution - I'm vegetarian (practically vegan). My desire is to do whatever is most beneficial for my little girl. Already, our mantra, like a BARF T-shirt says is: "Kibbles make me want to BARF." Mallie inhales the food and begs for more - though part of her wellness regimen involves losing a pound and a half! The customer service at Barf World has been proactive, professional and extremely attentive. They've far exceeded my expectations - which are mighty high, because after all this is about my baby girl!

- Dawn Hibbard
Loma Linda, CA

I cant thank you all enough for saving Charlie's life! Our doggie just turned 7 and he became so ill that he almost didn't recover. End of July 2013 he was shaky and couldn't hold his head up or go near water or food. We rushed him to the hospital and discovered he was diabetic with his glucose at 800. The vet said we have 2 choices, to either administer insulin every 12 hours for the rest of his life or have him put down (that was never going to happen). So he stayed in ICU for 7 days and finally came home. Two weeks ago, my mom called and said Charlie is vomiting uncontrollably and has diarrhea also, so I rushed him to his vet and after blood work he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. The range is to be under 200 and his was 839. The vet gave him tons of injections and sent him home with tons of anti-biotics and many other meds. A week later he started vomiting again and I rushed him back to his vet. Blood work was repeated and his pancreatitis range was now at 1000. The vet called me in with the saddest look on his face and asked what my plan was for Charlie. I began hysterically crying as I couldn't imagine our life without him. The vet said he will go home with way more anti-biotics and meds than before and IV's 2 x a day. He also thought it may be pancreatic cancer. I left there and called Evan at Barf world and all I can say is that call saved our Charlie's life. He got Robert on the phone right away, who faxed me a protocol for pancreatitis. Charlie's was one of the worst cases. Robert informed me as to how serious this was and how much I needed to follow this protocol. I was drained from daily vet visits and administering meds/Iv's. I wasn't able to sleep or eat all week from worry. Needless to say I was a basket case because Charlie was to repeat labs the following week and I knew it was going be the worst news ever. So I took him in on Monday and went back on Tuesday without him to be read the results. The vet called me in as the staff looked on holding their breath. I had called them numerous times a day and they really felt my pain but couldn't help Charlie. When I walked in the room, the vet had a look of confusion on his face. I just knew in my heart that the end for Charlie had come. But it wasn't the end for him!!! The vet said his pancreatic range was 54. I jumped up and down, screaming with joy! Even his staff rejoiced! I told them all that the folks at Barf World saved his life by sending me crucial info. Had I followed this protocol 2 weeks ago, Charlie wouldn't have suffered the way he did and I wouldn't be out thousands of dollars in vet bills. All I can say is these people at Barf world know more than any vet and I will only feed the raw diet to our little guy for the rest of his life.

Barf world, I cant thank you enough for the phone calls and concern. Ive never seen compassion like this before.

Lucy from California

- Lucy Saponjian
Van Nuys, CA

Galileo is our 10.5 year old cockapoo who's had some minor skin sensitivity and stomach issues. When we switched over to BARF we were looking for something that would help him to transition into his golden years. He's LOVING BARF! He's got more energy than ever, his skin and coat are glowing! We also love the added bonus of having to pick up much less and smaller 'deposits' when we go for our walks. We are so grateful to have BARF as a part of Galileo's health plan!

- Davide Di Giorgio
San Diego, CA

I'm recommending you guys to every dog owner I know. I really appreciate the feedback - this is awesome customer service! I have noticed he drinks a lot less water, has less gas and is panting less. It's a pretty profound change now that I really consider all the variables.

- Thomas Dowell
Morro Bay, CA

Meet Diego- Our 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd. He is the love of our life along with all his farm brothers and sisters! From a pup up my husband and I wanted to ensure we fed our boy the very best dog food, but we were a bit grossed out by the breeder suggestion of a raw diet, so we went with Honest Kitchen, a premium dehydrated food that is very highly rated for quality ingredients and top notch manufacturing standards. We fed Diego based on the manufacture's suggestions and even called the company a few times to get feeding tips for our boy. After Diego was approximately 4 months old he started getting repeat severe yeast infections in his ears and on his feet. His coat was dull and his ears were a painful mess. He was at the vet on a regular bases to try new ways to treat and prevent these reoccurrences. It was heartbreaking to watch, and extremely frustrating to figure out. We tried EVERYTHING recommended to us, and spent a FORTUNE on tests and supplements. We even switched meats from the Honest Kitchen selections based on suggestions of meat allergies- but nothing nothing nothing was working.
We finally called the breeder to ask for advice, and once again he advised us to try a raw diet. My husband and I did serious research and landed on BARF World as our top contender, but after all we went through, I wanted to call and talk to the company about their food and the issues we were having. I spend almost an hour on the line with Autumn, and was convinced I had a knowledgeable and compassionate dog lover on the line, but now....... we needed to see if this really worked. The idea of switching to raw just seemed way too easy after all we went through, but we wanted to try anything at that point.
We got our first bags of the raw food with ease and GREAT customer service, but it was not without trepidation we opened the first bag, fully expecting a bloody gross mess. Not only were these patties easy to manage (separated by freezer paper), they looked like frozen patties for humans that you see in the super market (Hmmm- so far I think we can do this!!)- now the true test... would Diego eat them??? I will be honest here in saying that at first he was not quite sure what we put in front of him, but we seasoned the patties up with the liver sprinkles and he never looked back-- and now I am sooooooooooo happy to report- he has never looked or felt better! When we started him on BARF, our poor boy was in the beginning stages of another horrible ear infection. Two weeks in to feeding him BARF, Diego's ears were clean as whistles and he was no longer chewing his feet. One full month into feeding BARF and his coat looked like black and red glass. We are now approximately 4 months in and have had zero infections of any kind. Diego is a working dog and training him was tough when he chronically did not feel well- but now we have made up time and he is at the head of his class--(hold on for a major mom brag moment : )-- he even got asked to star in a dog training video because he is so good looking! That would have NEVER HAPPENED before being on this food.
Net net... we are forever fans, of this amazing food, and the exceptional customer service of this caring company-- take a look at the way this food is sourced and manufactured - that is really really important!!!!! We are not buying any food from foreign countries that do not have proper human grade meat standards-- Many pets have died because of this!
So in conclusion-- OUR THANKS to Barf World for this amazing food, and our happy, healthy beautiful Diego sends his thanks to you also!!
Just look at our boy with those pretty pink ears sitting by his dinner (he loves loves loves the beef patties : )

- Lisa Garcia
Greenwood, NE

Daisy Mae is a purebred English Shorthair Pointer. In this puppy picture she is only 10 weeks old. Daisy Mae had chronic diarrhea after she ate anything! It was awful! I tried her on different vet recommended diets and with no luck at all. It was always the same result. She even got to the point where she didn’t want to eat because she felt sick all the time. Every time she ate, she was sick. I just knew I had to find a solution.

I slowly weaned her on the BARF Diet. It took about a month. It also took about a month for the chronic diarrhea to subside. Now she loves meal time and she is a very healthy dog.

- Elisa Barone-Corbeille
Cumming, GA

My 2 bulldog's Rufus and Lexxie are my babies. I was really worried about their health before we started the BARF Diet. Rufus had issues with yeast and was overweight. Within the last 30 days he is full of energy and I could hardly recognize him! We have notice a whole lot less pooping, especially with Lexxie, she use to poop 4-5 times a day, now twice, MAX! Rufus also had a problem with pooping after being put on an anti-inflammatory for a leg injury and that has virtually disappeared since BARF, AND we had them on another Raw Diet Food and saw pretty much no difference with anything, all Raw Diets are NOT equal! My family is so grateful for the BARF Diet and we couldn't be any happier to see Lexxie and Rufus thriving.

- Cher Castro
Corona, CA

Romeo would eat the cat's poop from the litter box. He'd be camping out right outside the door so if we forgot to shut the door - forget it! So we started adding E-BARF Plus to his food and we also relocated the cat's litter box so between the two things I think it's worked. He's not hunting it anymore - and when yorkies get fixated on stuff they don't let it go and somehow he's managed to forget about it.

- Barbara Pacheco
Addison, TX

Miss Ellie was a stray that became a therapy dog. She had one problem, severe intestinal upset that was not only painful for her but unpleasant for others due to her smell. We spent months trying medications at the vet and changing her diet but nothing helped. It was to the point that she didn't want to eat due to the discomfort. Then we tried the BARF diet and within a few weeks she was a whole new dog. No more diarrhea, odor or discomfort. She was playful, energetic and looked forward to mealtimes again. I'm a true believer!!!

- Amber Fountain
Atlanta, GA

The BARF diet was our last resort for Scout - we were going to put him to sleep. Anything we put him on gave him nasty diarrhea and he would get bloody, slimy stools. Plus it seemed like he had an allergy to everything. We had him on Science Diet meat and rice (the bland diet) which wasn't working. Then the vet told us to try the BARF Diet and I said, "Well if this doesn't work, I don't know what else to do." I did some research online and thought it was a lot of work to make it myself. Then your website came up so I placed an order. Once we switched Scout to the BARF Diet, he instantly turned around. We also make sure to give him the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil too. He's doing great on that.

- Alice Slease
Milton, FL

Stewart, my adorable Westie, was having bouts of gastritis. No matter what the vet prescribed the gastritis was getting more frequent and intense. The next step was going to be a gastroscopy. I started researching causes/cures for gastritis and came across the benefits of a raw diet which then led me to the BARF diet. Since starting the BARF diet almost two months ago, Stewart hasn't had any gastric upsets. In addition his coat and breath have improved. Plus he hasn't needed any Medrol for itching. I couldn't be happier and Stewart really enjoys his meals!

- Bee Bard

My Yellow Lab Lillie was shedding a lot; she left enough hair on the floor to vacuum up a small dog! She also would have upset stomach occasionally with her old kibble. Since starting Lillie on the BARF diet, her shedding has reduced, her upset stomach is gone, and she absolutely loves the food. I really appreciate the customer service I receive from Monica and the team at BARF.

- Richard Schuster
Baton Rouge, LA

My husband and I decided to document our Deer–Faced Chihuahua Roadie’s, BARF Story. We are certain that it is so incredible and unbelievable if we had not experienced it for ourselves. I don’t know if we would believe it ourselves if we heard of such a remarkable story and great results. was born June 2001, and is currently 13 years old. Prior to Dec 2012 Roadie was a happy, healthy, active dog. She played ball, played with her toys, ran the beaches at our lake, barked at strangers and was her own boss. She always had symptoms of reverse sneezing and tarter. We brushed her teeth once a week or so and were able to keep it to a minimum.

- Dena Limpede
Pottsboro, TX

We're very satisfied. The food is wonderful and it ships well. It worked out well with Naomi. The change with her stool happened quicker than we thought. We loved the fact that it comes in patties that are easy to feed and the dog loved it! I would recommend BARF to anyone.

- Bruce Birnberg
East Brunswick, NJ

We tried a bag of the BARF diet for my pups, Walt and Koa, who has digestive issues. They were on it for less than a week and we haven't had any more digestive upsets - no vomiting or diarrhea. They do very well on it and they both love them. Walt and Koa are very happy with the patties and that prompted me to order more.

- Yuneisi Lacuesta
Pasadena, CA

Tess and Watson love the BARF Diet. Since they started on it, they are doing great. No digestive problems and normal poops and the breath is so much better. Watson, our pup, was really sensitive to conventional foods and had icky bowel movements. We tried him on more than 10 different foods but nothing worked like this raw food diet.

- Mark Evans
Louisville, KY

When we first got Chloe and Heidi they were 8-weeks old and had been on kibble. They pretty much came with digestive issues, especially our Westie (Chloe). There was a lot of bloody diarrhea - both of them - and I had just lost another Westie to bloody diarrhea before then. The thought of losing a brand new puppy to the same thing - I just couldn't stand it! <br /><br />We were looking online for what to do about bloody diarrhea and came across BARF. We thought it was a joke at first - BARF for dogs! But I got to reading about it and ordered some books to do my research. We decided that this might be the way to go. <br /><br />Boy, once they got on the BARF Diet, they were fine. The change was almost immediate! They haven't had any problems since, we don't need to go to the vet, their teeth have never been cleaned the four years they have been on BARF because they have never needed to be cleaned. They are just real healthy! I swear by raw foods. I've told a lot of people about it. You put a lot of care and quality into your product.

- Donald Bashor
Wauseon, OH

We began using BARF for our older dog Nicholas, who was plagued with allergies and digestive problems. He could clear a room with his gas. But after the BARF diet, he never had an episode of gas or diarrhea again. He thrived and so did all our pups.

- Barbara Nerone
McDonald, PA

Lucky was a digestive nightmare when I adopted him. He would only eat 1 meal a day. I tried several different foods and even cooked for him. Once I started BARF he had more energy, no lethargic behavior and is excited to eat. Thank you Barf World.

- Jill Nordin
Lake Elsinore, CA

Rocky had dandruff and would throw up quite often. It was a lot to clean up after him. Once on the BARF Diet he lost 5 lbs and the dandruff is totally disappeared. And he never throws up anymore.

- Janine Padvorac
Lawrenceville, GA

I rescued Fritz last year. A good friend who feeds raw, recommended the BARF World site. She said that feeding raw really made a difference in the rescue dogs that were coming in. I could definitely tell the difference in his stool. It was much more condensed. I live in a condominium and have to pick up after him when we walk all the time. It was a good difference to see.

- Lois Ramler-Vahlsing
Union, KY