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I’d like to thank you for your kind words of acknowledgement. It is a rare treat to find an organization so devoted, and with such a clear agenda of absolute concern, and love of animals. I regard our furry companions as "Precious Life," so dear to our hearts, and would like to thank you for your dedicated efforts of bringing the real nutritional needs of our dear furry friends to focus.

With your efforts, we now have the means to break the bonds of bogus information the pet food industry ha so cleverly crafted. It is only common sense that the dead food they have falsely led us to believe was of nutritional value is actually creating health problems that have cost us untold expense and pain.

I am convinced after seeing the wonderful changes that have come over my dog, Marky in the way of weight control and fulfillment the raw food diet has brought forth, that I am now one of your biggest advocates of your nutritional philosophy. I have already convinced several of my neighbors and friends of the value of your BARF diet, and I’m positive they will soon become part of your devoted BARF family of followers. I fully agree that a raw food diet is the smart way to go as I also eat many raw veggies and fruits myself, and I am a true believer of the value it has brought to my own well being. Raw food brings to the table a host of exceptional nutrition, and living enzymes.

- Paul Dumas
Seaside, OR

My two 9-year old girls were a good 15 lbs. overweight and had constant tummy gas issues. Since we switched and used BARF World's products, they have lost weight and their coats are beautiful. As far as tummy issues are concerned, they are totally resolved. You guys have given excellent customer service and I will spread the news. Thanks so much for healthier pets.

- Ursula Terrio
Crescent City, CA

After Kirby was neutered, he began to gain a lot of weight and even developed a limp. The vet suggested that Kirby had a thyroid problem and wanted him on prescription Science Diet food. I didn't want to feed Science Diet because I knew that it was not a good diet. I also had previously lost a cat to that food. So, I did a little research online and found BARF. It made sense so I decided to try it. Kirby is losing that extra weight, is much healthier, energetic and even stopped shedding as much.

- Emilio Pace
Brooklyn, NY

I am so glad I finally decided to make the switch to the BARF diet for my pets. My eleven year old Dalmation named "Dodger" has lost weight. He had some arthritis in his hind quarters, but now acts like a puppy, running and jumping around. He keeps up much better with our Black Lab "Bruce". I wish I had done this sooner, and will never go back to that other way of feeding. They both love it! BARF FOR LIFE!

- Donna Russell
Charlton, MA

Hi Evan and Amber,

- Catherine Moore
Denver, CO

My German Shepherd-mix is a very large dog, weighing in at over 120 pounds at one point. It didn't matter what or how much he was eating, or how much exercise he was getting, he was just a big boy. When he was four, he tore his ACL, a year later he tore the other one. After having two surgeries in just over one year, I became very concerned about his senior years. After putting him on the best dry kibble I could find, we saw some improvement so thought we were heading the right direction. Two years later, and nothing was worse, but nothing got better either. I started researching again and found the raw diet. Realizing that I could not prepare this type of food daily for my dog, I looked for a company that did, and I found BARF. Having been on the BARF diet for three weeks now, my dog has lost weight and is walking easier. Feeding him is easy and he loves the food. So, in all I am very happy with switching to the BARF diet, Coco and I are both getting everything we need. Thank you.

- Elizabeth Peterson
Brookline, MA

Ollie is a gorgeous 9-year-old "charparymer" mutt. Since he started BARF, he's lost weight, has got more energy, and his eyes are clearing up!!

- Paula Knudsen
Sarasota, FL

Lia has been on the BARF diet for only 2 weeks and her weight is dropping back down to a healthy weight and she has more energy. She's more playful and bouncy too. She doesn't need to be coaxed to eat her food anymore and she's not trying to eat the cats' wet food instead. BARF has definitely turned around meal times for us and now everyone is happy!

- Heidi Hentila

I have two 18-month-old Boston Terriers that are thriving on the BARF Diet. I am quite knowledgeable about body building and knew that if I put my dogs on a high protein raw diet that their muscle mass would increase.I found the BARF Diet on the internet and thought that the price was quite reasonable compared to similar products out there on the market. The patties are so easy and convenient to feed – just thaw and serve!The first thing that I noticed after feeding my dogs the BARF Diet patties was that my dogs started to bulk up and their coats also began to shine like never before. One of my terriers, Risa, just delivered her first litter of puppies. According to the breeder books, Boston Terriers normally have 3 to 5 puppies per litter and must have a cesarean section done to deliver. Risa had eight puppies naturally and all the puppies are plump and full of life. She is extremely healthy and full of milk.I have had many people remark on the excellent condition both my dogs are in. I am so ecstatic about the results the BARF Diet has had on both of my dogs and I have convinced my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to feed the BARF Diet to their pets as well.I'll never go back to kibble!!!

- Lynn Ann Bogard
Tinton Falls, NJ

Lexi has lost weight. She is down 10 lbs from when she was overweight. Her teeth are white. She really is a beautiful dog- people stop their cars so they can look at her!

- Nancy Ruiz
Fairfax, CA

When we rescued Greta, she was a year old and 25 lbs under weight. She was in terrible shape. Even the vet that had a wall of kibble diet in her office, advised me not to feed raw. When I took her back to the vet after being on raw the vet said, "My God, what have you done to this dog!" I gloatingly told her it was the raw diet. The diet really turned Greta around. She switched to it immediately, with no problems at all.

- Jere Murray
Marengo, IA

My German Shepherds are losing weight which is good. Cody has hip dysplasia but he is walking and running better. His sister Mindy, when she walks or when she runs, has a lightness to her steps and Cody seems to have a better glide to his steps too which he didn't have before. Before he kind of dragged his limbs along, and now he sort of has that lightness in his steps as well. Also, when he ran, his front leg would swing out to the left, instead of going straight forward, and I don't see quite as much of that now.

- Robert Hughes
Santa Cruz, CA