1-866-282-2273 (BARF)

I have noticed their weight is now in line - they have little waists now. There is a little less itching and no gas. Poops are awesome now! They are smaller and seem to disappear quicker than I can pick them up.

- Delia Whitmore
Irving, TX

I have been using E-Barf plus and You Salmon oil for the past 4-6 months. We've been using BARF food since the early 2000's for our last late pups (Zagnut, Rusty, and Einstein are all over the rainbow bridge), but our two latest are JR and Onyx, who absolutely love Barf, eating it with gusto inside of 3 minutes.

Lately, JR our retriever had been scratching and knawing at himself quite a bit, so when you offered the E-Barf plus and salmon oil, I thought I'd take a chance with it.

The results have been great to date, shinier coat, less dandruff from both dogs, and less itching and chewing. I went all-in and bought a box of 12 containers of E-Barf plus, and have been replenishing the salmon oil as I could (usually get about 1-1/2 bottles of E-Barf plus to one bottle of salmon oil).

We couldn't be happier with the results, and look forward to keeping our boys shiny and healthy looking!



- Stan Underwood
Glenn Dale, MD

From the time Trooper was 3 years old until about age 6 or so, we battled continuously with skin issues. It was so bad that if it had not been for finding your food I would have ended his suffering. I spent a fortune on tests and pills and kept him alive by using antibiotics practically continually to keep skin infections at bay. He still has an occasional itchy spot from an insect bite or flea bite, which he still seems to be highly allergic, but for the most part he can go outside and chase rabbits and patrol the yard without consequence!! Even though at 13 he's quite old for a schnauzer, thanks to your food he's still happy, healthy and strong. BARF changed and saved his life and I still have my little buddy!!

- Mary Lou R.
Fredericktown, MO

From the day I adopted Sheena she has been a picky eater and I had trouble finding a diet that she enjoyed. I tried many different holistic diets and while some appealed to her, over time she developed allergies that became increasingly worse.

The allergies became so bad that I would take her to the vet once a year for cortisone shots to relieve her condition, which would give her temporary relief from her symptoms. But her allergies didn’t go away; they continued to a point where her skin became extremely dry and she developed a hot spot. I hated giving her those shots. I worried that she’d develop Cushing’s disease, which I’ve seen other dogs develop from prolonged cortisone treatments. I knew there had to be a better way.

I found a local distributor of BARF food and decided to try it on Sheena, hoping that her condition would improve. The first thing I noticed was that she loved the food – no more picky eating! Then, after only a couple of weeks, I began to see a dramatic improvement in her skin condition. Her coat returned to the smooth and silky hair she had when I first adopted her, and those dreadful hot spots never returned.

Sheena has been on the BARF diet for a year and a half now and believe me she doesn’t act like a 10-year-old dog. She has the attitude and looks of a much younger, happier dog!

- Joanne Fanizza
Massapequa Park, NY

No more itching, no more red eyes! Pepper would rub her back on the ground and always have a red belly. Once on the BARF Diet, it all cleared up in a couple of weeks.

- Sherry Butler
Bedford, TX

Spencer and Tucker (maltese/shih tzu) LOVE the food! They can't wait for meal times and they continue to lick their bowls long after. They are so much more playful since they have been on a raw diet. I wasn't sure about feeding them raw food in the beginning but I am a HUGE believer now. One big bonus, their teeth look SO much better. No more expensive cleanings!!

- Kelley Dillon
Raleigh, NC

My Maltese, Grace was so sickly before I switched her to the BARF Diet. She was highly allergic to fleas, suffered from hot spots and was just a mess. She couldn't even run around anymore - it was very painful to see her this way. She completely turned around for the better after only a month on the BARF Diet and also when I started adding the E-BARF Plus supplement. This combination really helped her a lot! I also stopped using Frontline and those other flea medications that I suspect were doing more harm than good. Instead, I only use natural flea products now. Thank you BARF World!

- Karen Fread
Eighty Four, PA

Thank You BARF World! Your hard work on balancing the perfect diet has made a significant difference to my fur baby.

We have a beautiful, sweet English black Labrador named, Camie. At age 18 months old she began to experience fur loss on both sides of her body. Our vet suspected a food, hormonal or environmental allergy and we start with changing her diet.

After trying a few different dehydrated, grain free brands, with no result, we decide to contact her breeder to see if they had seen or heard of fur loss on any of their labs. She asked me about the food and treats I was giving Camie. To my surprise Everything I was giving her was high in starch and sugar which, as a result, contribute to a yeast infection on her skin and inner ears. My poor little girl was losing fur, itchy, with a dull/course coat and had an ear infection!

Our breeder highly recommended that I switch to BARF raw food and explained all the ingredients and benefits. I immediately called the friendly staff at BARF World.

A Raw Food Specialist explained how the shipment would come in a Styrofoam container on dry ice and that I have the option to place orders online at my convenience.

At first I thought, "This isn’t going to work". We live in an RV full-time, are rarely in the same location (not to mention the limited freezer space) and sometimes lack Internet service. Well, let me tell you...they make it simple!! When I don’t have Internet service or have a specific delivery location, I call the friendly team at BARF World and a Raw Specialist takes care of me! They are always very kind, helpful and never miss an order.

Two days later, I received my first order. I couldn’t wait to give Camie her Juicy Lamb Patties. Of course, she loved them right away! We call them Her "hamburgers". She gets so excited, sometimes I swear her tail is going to wag off!

With in six months Camie’s fur grew in thick, shiny and soft. She no longer is itchy and her ear infection is gone. Finally she is healthy, happy and back to being as beautiful outside as she is within.

Thank you BARF World and staff!

Tania, Mike and Camie K.

- Taunia Kleinheinz
Green Cove Springs, FL

My Boston Terrier, Kassi, had severe allergies. I tried the BARF Lamb and she absolutely loved the taste. Also Kassi's allergies were improved within 24 hours.

- Ann Burton
Whitesboro, TX

My Havenese was always scratching. The vet gave us a special shampoo and meds which only subsided this for a short period of time. A groomer told me about BARF and what I read made sense so I decided to make the switch. She is better and I hope that the long term use will improve her condition permanently. In the meantime, the customer service has been excellent and very supportive as well as knowledgeable. I'm glad I am now giving my dog what is best for her.

- Miriam Pedraja
Tappan, NY

Like most dog lovers, Gracie is not just our pet but she is our family. For the past year or so we have watched her scratch, itch and bite constantly. Her once white and silver coat turned apricot from her constant chewing and saliva. It literally pained me to see her so uncomfortable and I was willing to try anything. When Lily was kind enough to call me and give me the background to this company I was totally game. Within a couple of weeks I noticed an improvement. By one month a very noticeable improvement.

- Cynthia Mills
San Ramon, CA

First week with BARF and my golden retriever Jake's endless scratching is decreasing. He never ran to his bowl to eat with old diet, now I can't get it into the bowl fast enough. Thanks BARF team.

- Tim Cassidy
Bronx, NY

They really are doing well on the raw food. Gracie's allergies have gotten considerable better. She would scratched dramatically. She had a bald spot with some scar tissue that the doctors wanted to remove the spot with surgery. But on BARF diet the hair finally grew back. The bald spot is gone!

- Christopher & Lisa Ragan
Midland, TX

I have the worlds best Shih Tzu (Cirra, 4.5 years old) and she was struggling with allergies ever since she was a puppy. We put her on limited restriction diets the vet had recommended. She was only eating her dry-food but nothing helped with her allergies. About 2-4 times a year we had to put her on antibiotics to heal her skin and a lot of money. After doing some research on-line I came across raw diets. I started doing the raw food, buying meaty bones, variety of meat, guts and so on. I started seeing results in her but it was getting very hard to get the variety of raw food that she needed and knowing portion sizes, a lot of planning and effort. I then did some more research and found BARF. BARF has made it so much easier to have Cirra on her raw food diet. I know how much to giver her, the order is on auto ship and comes directly to my home, and she LOVES it. She loves all the flavors!<br /><br />Cirra has been on the BARF diet for 1 month now and she is doing fantastic! Her coat is great and for the first time ever we have been able to grow her coat out. Her allergies are gone, she seems much happier, more alert and affectionate. She does not have to just eat dry-food but she eats food she loves and with enjoyable treats of meaty bones and veggies. <br /><br />Al was very nice and friendly and answered all my questions. My vet did not recommend that we switch her to raw food but we decided to do it any ways and Al helped us answer any questions we had. Raw food makes so much more sense for any dog, after all that is what they eat in the wild.<br />

- Sabah Corso
Miami, FL