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I've had Gemma on the BARF Diet since day one. Everyone remarks how shiny her coat is and how wonderful her teeth are. She doesn't have that doggie smell and her "business" is pretty nice. I LOVE this food!
I tell you: Gemma has a dog friend - whose a white lab - and when they run (and they really do run, like a free run along the beach or across the fields) you can see how fit she is. You can see all of her muscles. She looks good!

- Paulette Duffy
North Kingstown, RI

Magoo 9yrs old and his mom Kayla 14yrs old. Golden retrievers. Both love the barf diet. Magoo has allergies and does better on raw food.
Kayla is has worn down most of her teeth so the barf patties are perfect for her. Her appetite has improved on this diet.
We also feed it to Johhny who is a 5yr old mastiff mix and Steele a 7 month old weimeranar mix. Both are strays that came to us. They love the diet and their coats look awesome!

- Tarrin Warren
Milano, TX

My dogs are healthy. They don't have any teeth problems. Their checkups are perfect. Their blood sugar is good.

- Ruth Lynn
Oklahoma City, OK

Pago and Sasha's allergy problems are gone. They are the healthiest dogs really and I absolutely attribute that to what they are eating, the BARF Diet. They're doing great, even at 10 and 13 years old. We never have to clean their teeth.

- Debby Allen

I am writing to tell you how grateful that I am to have read, "The BARF Diet" years ago. Being an animal lover and health nut, it just went along with what I believe. Animals are no different than we are with needing natural, back to nature, nutrition. Processed dog food is just like our junk or fast food. The nutrition has been cooked out of it. Animals should not be getting our diseases like cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

I have a black lab whose name is Sadie. She is 6-years-old and still looks and acts like a puppy. She goes to work with me every day at...people stop by to see Sadie and bring friends back to see her. They cannot believe her shiny coat and pearly white teeth.

- Kathy Deason
Las Vegas, NV

My weimaraner, Kali (1.5 years) has been on the BARF Diet since she was 5 months old. She is a happy, healthy and well balanced dog because of it. Her coat is silky and soft, her teeth and gums look great, she rarely passes loud stinky gas and her stool - yes her poop - is wonderful too. When she was 4 months old, we became worried because she pooped a lot and it did not smell well.

Many people are surprised when we tell them about her food and some dog owners can't believe it. That's what happens when we become brain washed by the pet food industry.

Anyway, I have forwarded your website to all my friends with animal and have made one convert. Thanks for the video on salmonella. I had that conversation the other night and was telling my friends, who I am trying to convert, that there is no reason to worry.

- Paula

"Joker is my Jack Russell Terrier. We started him on the BARF Diet to help him gain weight. He is missing his back teeth, so getting him to put on weight has been a challenge. Not only does he love the food, but his weight has dramatically improved in the month or two that he has been on the BARF Diet. I have my Joker back to normal, squirrel-hunting in the backyard!"

- Charlotte Rodkey
Fort Walton Beach, FL

I really don't know what to share, Beauty is a handful, she has a lot of energy. She has 4 patties each day. Seems to know exactly when its mealtime! I feel that she likes her food.Her coat is great.Her teeth are beautiful. She seems to be settling down but no where near soon enough.

- Lita Bagley
Columbia Falls, ME

My husband and I have a Potcake rescue from the Turks & Caicos Islands named "Diva". She's the best dog ever! Before I discovered the BARF diet, she had a dry, flaky coat that required a daily omega oil supplement, she needed a dental cleaning and had "doggy breath". With the BARF diet, everyone comments on her shiny, soft coat, her teeth and gums are beautiful, her breath is fresh and she looks like a million dollars! I am lucky to have a vet who believes in a raw diet, and I am thankful to have found the wonderful people at BARF World who make it so easy to feed raw. I love you guys! - Betsy Clark from Haymarket, VA

- Betsy Clark
Haymarket, VA

Lexi has lost weight. She is down 10 lbs from when she was overweight. Her teeth are white. She really is a beautiful dog- people stop their cars so they can look at her!

- Nancy Ruiz
Fairfax, CA

When we first got Chloe and Heidi they were 8-weeks old and had been on kibble. They pretty much came with digestive issues, especially our Westie (Chloe). There was a lot of bloody diarrhea - both of them - and I had just lost another Westie to bloody diarrhea before then. The thought of losing a brand new puppy to the same thing - I just couldn't stand it!

We were looking online for what to do about bloody diarrhea and came across BARF. We thought it was a joke at first - BARF for dogs! But I got to reading about it and ordered some books to do my research. We decided that this might be the way to go.

Boy, once they got on the BARF Diet, they were fine. The change was almost immediate! They haven't had any problems since, we don't need to go to the vet, their teeth have never been cleaned the four years they have been on BARF because they have never needed to be cleaned. They are just real healthy! I swear by raw foods. I've told a lot of people about it. You put a lot of care and quality into your product.

- Pamela Bashor
Wauseon, OH

Tess and Watson love the BARF Diet. Since they started on it, they are doing great. No digestive problems and normal poops and the breath is so much better. Watson, our pup, was really sensitive to conventional foods and had icky bowel movements. We tried him on more than 10 different foods but nothing worked like this raw food diet.

- Mark Evans
Louisville, KY