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I am so glad I finally decided to make the switch to the BARF diet for my pets. My eleven year old Dalmation named "Dodger" has lost weight. He had some arthritis in his hind quarters, but now acts like a puppy, running and jumping around. He keeps up much better with our Black Lab "Bruce". I wish I had done this sooner, and will never go back to that other way of feeding. They both love it! BARF FOR LIFE!

- Donna Russell
Charlton, MA

Cappuccino is doing very well with his new diet. Though I haven't taken him to the vet for lab work, I've noticed a big difference in his weight, energy level, and physical ability (he is jumping on the bed and couch again)!

I started by giving him larger than the recommended portions - and now have him eating the recommended portion for his weight (supplementing his appetite with steamed veggies and fruit with an occasional dog treat).

- Scott Mccain
Carlsbad, CA

Our dog Captain, a 85 pound lab retriever, was eight when we switched him to the BARF World diet. Already after the first few weeks he seemed invigorated, more energetic and his joint stiffness (arthritis) improved markedly. Now he chases the ball around like a puppy, his coat looks wonderful, he barely sheds and is overall a happier and healthier dog. We will never feed him anything else.

- Claudia Hetzer
San Diego, CA

My German Shepherds are losing weight which is good. Cody has hip dysplasia but he is walking and running better. His sister Mindy, when she walks or when she runs, has a lightness to her steps and Cody seems to have a better glide to his steps too which he didn't have before. Before he kind of dragged his limbs along, and now he sort of has that lightness in his steps as well. Also, when he ran, his front leg would swing out to the left, instead of going straight forward, and I don't see quite as much of that now.

- Robert Hughes
Santa Cruz, CA

Roxy and Coco, my boxers, are doing great on the diet. Their energy level is just great. As a matter of fact, Roxy 's improvement is phenomenal. She had problems with her hips and could hardly move before, she had really bad hips that the vet was recommending surgery, running $10,000, and physical therapy for- and there was a chance that it wouldn't give her full mobility. After doing some research, we tried the BARF Diet and now her energy level is great. We saw a change within a few months. She could hardly move before, now she goes on walks and can jump up on the couch. You can see the difference in their coats, they're shining and beautiful. I know its worth it!

- Bella Glenn
Lacey, WA