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Zena is the reason why I initially went to raw food because I tried every kind of dog food for her allergies. She was getting ear infections and skin allergies (which white dogs are prone to). It was a nightmare!

The vet said, "Well, we could put her on shots," and I thought, "No. That's like putting a Band-Aid on a broken arm."

So I started doing BARF for Zena and then: no more ear infections. She used to itch herself under the armpit which is a tell-tale sign of food allergies. She would rip herself apart to the point where she was bleeding. It was horrible. But not anymore. It definitely works!

- Alex Shafir
Bevie, FL

From the time Trooper was 3 years old until about age 6 or so, we battled continuously with skin issues. It was so bad that if it had not been for finding your food I would have ended his suffering. I spent a fortune on tests and pills and kept him alive by using antibiotics practically continually to keep skin infections at bay. He still has an occasional itchy spot from an insect bite or flea bite, which he still seems to be highly allergic, but for the most part he can go outside and chase rabbits and patrol the yard without consequence!! Even though at 13 he's quite old for a schnauzer, thanks to your food he's still happy, healthy and strong. BARF changed and saved his life and I still have my little buddy!!

- Mary Lou R.
Fredericktown, MO

From the day I adopted Sheena she has been a picky eater and I had trouble finding a diet that she enjoyed. I tried many different holistic diets and while some appealed to her, over time she developed allergies that became increasingly worse.

The allergies became so bad that I would take her to the vet once a year for cortisone shots to relieve her condition, which would give her temporary relief from her symptoms. But her allergies didn’t go away; they continued to a point where her skin became extremely dry and she developed a hot spot. I hated giving her those shots. I worried that she’d develop Cushing’s disease, which I’ve seen other dogs develop from prolonged cortisone treatments. I knew there had to be a better way.

I found a local distributor of BARF food and decided to try it on Sheena, hoping that her condition would improve. The first thing I noticed was that she loved the food – no more picky eating! Then, after only a couple of weeks, I began to see a dramatic improvement in her skin condition. Her coat returned to the smooth and silky hair she had when I first adopted her, and those dreadful hot spots never returned.

Sheena has been on the BARF diet for a year and a half now and believe me she doesn’t act like a 10-year-old dog. She has the attitude and looks of a much younger, happier dog!

- Joanne Fanizza
Massapequa Park, NY

No more itching, no more red eyes! Pepper would rub her back on the ground and always have a red belly. Once on the BARF Diet, it all cleared up in a couple of weeks.

- Sherry Butler
Bedford, TX

Pago and Sasha's allergy problems are gone. They are the healthiest dogs really and I absolutely attribute that to what they are eating, the BARF Diet. They're doing great, even at 10 and 13 years old. We never have to clean their teeth.

- Debby Allen

My dogs are doing fabulously. My 10-year-old boxer, Ella, is as spry as a 5-year-old. She keeps the younger one, Tigres, in check. They have been on a raw diet all their lives. I was making a raw diet myself at home and it was arduous. But when the BARF patties came available, I said "Sign me up!" They are doing so well on it. They have never had to have their teeth cleaned, and they are in the perfect weight category. They let ME know when it is time to eat.

- Nancy Isaacson
Belvidere, IL

Spencer and Tucker (maltese/shih tzu) LOVE the food! They can't wait for meal times and they continue to lick their bowls long after. They are so much more playful since they have been on a raw diet. I wasn't sure about feeding them raw food in the beginning but I am a HUGE believer now. One big bonus, their teeth look SO much better. No more expensive cleanings!!

- Kelley Dillon
Raleigh, NC

My Maltese, Grace was so sickly before I switched her to the BARF Diet. She was highly allergic to fleas, suffered from hot spots and was just a mess. She couldn't even run around anymore - it was very painful to see her this way. She completely turned around for the better after only a month on the BARF Diet and also when I started adding the E-BARF Plus supplement. This combination really helped her a lot! I also stopped using Frontline and those other flea medications that I suspect were doing more harm than good. Instead, I only use natural flea products now. Thank you BARF World!

- Karen Fread
Eighty Four, PA

My 11 yr. old retired champion show Beagle "Honey" had some serious tartar issues and the beginning of gum disease and loose teeth so I decided to try switching her to the BarfWorld diet with the addition of some raw meaty bones. I was worried that her teeth were too far gone to handle the bone but within 6 weeks her mouth had improved so much that I was able to scrape all of the tartar off revealing beautiful white teeth and her gums are improving daily. her energy and mood are much better too. Even for a senior dog that has been fed premium kibble and canned all of her life the switch to the Barf diet can have miraculous results! I have the before and after pictures to prove it!

- Cindy Williams
Mont Vernon, NH

My dog, Serena has had allergies since she was 6 months old (she is now 5). She has had ear infections, severe skin issues where she scratched until she would bleed, and urinary tract infections from licking. She was at the vet at least once a month - during allergy season, sometimes more. We had her tested for her allergies and gave her shots. The shots seemed to help a little bit, but after 2 years I was not happy with the results.

I changed her food, tried different shampoos, skin lotions...etc. She was so used to being on steroids and antibiotics that she would swallow pills with no problem. I hated to give her medications knowing all of the side effects and how they can shorten her life.

Serena was so bad one morning, I called the vet asking to give her a steroid shot. Her normal vet was not in and I saw a covering vet who asked if I ever tried a raw diet. I never even thought about it since her kibble was supposed to be the best! The vet suggested I call BARF and give it a try.

I had many concerns about the diet: ONE big thing was Serena was not a big eater. Her food could sit for days sometimes and she didn't care - but loved water. We would fill her water bowl at least 5 times a day. She was like this since a puppy! I had her tested for diabetes because she was always thirsty.

I called BARF and decided to give it a try. Shipping was very fast. We got our order and I was very excited to start...Serena was not! It took about a week for her to even try it. I would call BARF would talk to Amber and Evan for ways to get her to eat this new food. I was not going to give up and neither were they. Amber and Even would call me and see how Serena was doing. Finally we got Serena to eat the raw diet....and she LOVES it!!! She goes crazy for it (it's gone in about 20 seconds), and even comes to get us for her meals.

I will say, 2 weeks into the new diet she became super itchy and I called BARF and they were great explained that some dogs have a lot of toxins in them and this could be the cause. I decided to stick with the diet for the 90 days and am soooo glad I did.

Serena looks amazing. She has so much energy, her coat looks great, and she is super happy. We all get sleep now - no itching and no crying for water. Oh and one of the best parts: not only does her skin look better but she hardly drinks any water now!!!! The raw diet has all moisture she needs :)

Everyone has noticed how great Serena looks and I recommend anyone who has a dog with allergies to give it a try. I wish I found BARF 4 years ago. They have GREAT customer service and really care about your dog. It is nice knowing I can call up and change my shipping anytime. I cannot THANK BARF World enough - it is like Serena is a new dog :)

- Dawn Leconche
Cromwell, CT

First week with BARF and my golden retriever Jake's endless scratching is decreasing. He never ran to his bowl to eat with old diet, now I can't get it into the bowl fast enough. Thanks BARF team.

- Tim Cassidy
Bronx, NY

They really are doing well on the raw food. Gracie's allergies have gotten considerable better. She would scratched dramatically. She had a bald spot with some scar tissue that the doctors wanted to remove the spot with surgery. But on BARF diet the hair finally grew back. The bald spot is gone!

- Christopher & Lisa Ragan
Midland, TX

My husband and I have a Potcake rescue from the Turks & Caicos Islands named "Diva". She's the best dog ever! Before I discovered the BARF diet, she had a dry, flaky coat that required a daily omega oil supplement, she needed a dental cleaning and had "doggy breath". With the BARF diet, everyone comments on her shiny, soft coat, her teeth and gums are beautiful, her breath is fresh and she looks like a million dollars! I am lucky to have a vet who believes in a raw diet, and I am thankful to have found the wonderful people at BARF World who make it so easy to feed raw. I love you guys! - Betsy Clark from Haymarket, VA

- Betsy Clark
Haymarket, VA

I have the worlds best Shih Tzu (Cirra, 4.5 years old) and she was struggling with allergies ever since she was a puppy. We put her on limited restriction diets the vet had recommended. She was only eating her dry-food but nothing helped with her allergies. About 2-4 times a year we had to put her on antibiotics to heal her skin and a lot of money. After doing some research on-line I came across raw diets. I started doing the raw food, buying meaty bones, variety of meat, guts and so on. I started seeing results in her but it was getting very hard to get the variety of raw food that she needed and knowing portion sizes, a lot of planning and effort. I then did some more research and found BARF. BARF has made it so much easier to have Cirra on her raw food diet. I know how much to giver her, the order is on auto ship and comes directly to my home, and she LOVES it. She loves all the flavors!

Cirra has been on the BARF diet for 1 month now and she is doing fantastic! Her coat is great and for the first time ever we have been able to grow her coat out. Her allergies are gone, she seems much happier, more alert and affectionate. She does not have to just eat dry-food but she eats food she loves and with enjoyable treats of meaty bones and veggies.

Al was very nice and friendly and answered all my questions. My vet did not recommend that we switch her to raw food but we decided to do it any ways and Al helped us answer any questions we had. Raw food makes so much more sense for any dog, after all that is what they eat in the wild.

- Sabah Corso
Miami, FL