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Zena is the reason why I initially went to raw food because I tried every kind of dog food for her allergies. She was getting ear infections and skin allergies (which white dogs are prone to). It was a nightmare!

The vet said, "Well, we could put her on shots," and I thought, "No. That's like putting a Band-Aid on a broken arm."

So I started doing BARF for Zena and then: no more ear infections. She used to itch herself under the armpit which is a tell-tale sign of food allergies. She would rip herself apart to the point where she was bleeding. It was horrible. But not anymore. It definitely works!

- Alex Shafir
Bevie, FL

I've had Gemma on the BARF Diet since day one. Everyone remarks how shiny her coat is and how wonderful her teeth are. She doesn't have that doggie smell and her "business" is pretty nice. I LOVE this food!
I tell you: Gemma has a dog friend - whose a white lab - and when they run (and they really do run, like a free run along the beach or across the fields) you can see how fit she is. You can see all of her muscles. She looks good!

- Paulette Duffy
North Kingstown, RI

Between the ages of 3 to 6 or so we battled continuously with skin issues so bad that if it had not been for finding your food I would have ended his suffering. Spent a fortune on tests and pills and kept him alive by using antibiotics practically continually to keep skin infections at bay. He still has an occasional itchy spot from an insect bite or flea bite which he still seems to be highly allergic, but for the most part he can go outside and chase rabbits and patrol the yard without consequence!! Even though at 13 he's quite old for a schnauzer, thanks to your food he's still happy, healthy and strong. BARF changed and saved his life and I still have my little buddy!!

- Mary Lou R.
Fredericktown, MO

On the BARF Diet, Matsi has shown dramatic results within 4-5 months since she was on the diet. After seeing her skin react to such ingredients such as flour, wheat, coconut, soy, and corn (which is basic ingredients in almost all major dog food brands), it was hard for me to see her miserable from day to day because of her allergies. Later on I decided to switch over to BARF because of their natural and RAW ingredients. From what I've noticed from feeding her BARF, she shows much more interest and anticipation to get her meals in comparison to hypoallergenic foods, but not only that, her coat and skin condition has improved so much, which is why she's the beautiful dog she is today.

- Thomas Benin
St Charles, MO

Magoo 9yrs old and his mom Kayla 14yrs old. Golden retrievers. Both love the barf diet. Magoo has allergies and does better on raw food.
Kayla is has worn down most of her teeth so the barf patties are perfect for her. Her appetite has improved on this diet.
We also feed it to Johhny who is a 5yr old mastiff mix and Steele a 7 month old weimeranar mix. Both are strays that came to us. They love the diet and their coats look awesome!

- Tarrin Warren
Milano, TX

Strauss has a lot of skin issues that BARF helps him with. Before he was on kibble and he would break out on his back with puffy bumps. It was really painful for him. On the BARF Diet, the bumps are gone. It cleared up his eyes too. He looooves BARF. The turnaround in his healthy happened pretty quickly - he really needed those enzymes in the diet. He extra loves it. BARF has changed my schnauzer's skin issues to nonexistence! I will always be grateful to BARF & Beth Knuth for recommending your healing raw food for dogs.

- Susanna Hahn
Valparaiso, IN

From the day I adopted Sheena she has been a picky eater and I had trouble finding a diet that she enjoyed. I tried many different holistic diets and while some appealed to her, over time she developed allergies that became increasingly worse.

The allergies became so bad that I would take her to the vet once a year for cortisone shots to relieve her condition, which would give her temporary relief from her symptoms. But her allergies didn’t go away; they continued to a point where her skin became extremely dry and she developed a hot spot. I hated giving her those shots. I worried that she’d develop Cushing’s disease, which I’ve seen other dogs develop from prolonged cortisone treatments. I knew there had to be a better way.

I found a local distributor of BARF food and decided to try it on Sheena, hoping that her condition would improve. The first thing I noticed was that she loved the food – no more picky eating! Then, after only a couple of weeks, I began to see a dramatic improvement in her skin condition. Her coat returned to the smooth and silky hair she had when I first adopted her, and those dreadful hot spots never returned.

Sheena has been on the BARF diet for a year and a half now and believe me she doesn’t act like a 10-year-old dog. She has the attitude and looks of a much younger, happier dog!

- Joanne Fanizza
Massapequa Park, NY

Libby was having problems on just kibble food, this is why we are using Barf products. Being a shepherd, she had allergies and food digestion problems. Since using (BARF), She seems better, and her stools are much healthier. If I could afford it, I would buy all your products. I would do anything for Libby.

- Matt Sanner
Columbus, OH

My dogs are healthy. They don't have any teeth problems. Their checkups are perfect. Their blood sugar is good.

- Ruth Lynn
Oklahoma City, OK

I adopted a 3 week old Schnauzer mix who;s mama was rescued from a puppy Mill. When I brought Rio home he kept scratching and looked very uncomfortable. I wasn't sure if it was the food the rescue group had him on or not. I immediately went onto the web searching for better, natural food to give him. That's when I found BARF. After I ordered it, I saw a complete change in Rio's skin and coat after a month. He completely stopped scratching and guess what? His breath doesn't even smell. He is now 8 months old and he love's his food. He will do back flips for it.

- Valentina & Jean-Claude Rovaldi
South Glastonbury, CT

This is my Italian Greyhound, Rhino. He’s 4 1/2 years old. He’s a fun-loving little dog with lots of energy, and ambition and he’s just a riot. He keeps me laughing.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but at 2 years he developed allergies…to what I didn’t (and still don’t) really know. The past 2 ½ years have been spent changing his dog food and trying to manage the runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sinus infections, bronchitis and even a severe allergy to an antibiotic. There were a couple times I truly thought I was going to have to put him down and it just tore me apart. He was too young, yet the cost was becoming exorbitant and he seemed to be sick all the time. I knew I couldn’t continue at the pace we were going not only because of the cost of vet bills, but for his own comfort as well.

As an almost last ditch effort, I decided to try him on a raw diet. I placed an order with BARF World and figured if this works great, if not, well…I’ve done all I can do.

After two and a half weeks of eating the raw food I noticed his sinuses had cleared. I noticed it immediately. It’s like he woke up one day and all of a sudden no more nasal congestion and no more sneezing. Unbelievable! I was a little skeptical at first but after a few more days there was still no nasal congestion. He hadn’t been clear of nasal issues for the past 2 ½ years. BARF is well worth the money to keep your pet strong and healthy. Not only does he love it, but It truly made a difference in the life of my IG. Had I not experienced it myself I may not have believed it. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

- Wendy Holtmann
White Salmon, WA

Petunia was rescued with mange and hardly any hair in the winter outside Buffalo, NY. Her foster family nursed her back to an adoptable state. And I was lucky enough to adopt her in June 2011. I've been feeding her BARF since I got her. My parents have been feeding their Bernese BARF since getting him as a puppy. My dad researched the best food and decided it was BARF so I figured when I got little bundle of love who had suffered so many health problems BARF was the only choice. Needless to say it was the right choice. Petunia loves it and now she's as healthy as can be. She has a ton more hair and just is so happy and healthy. I found a great vet who thought BARF was a good choice for Petunia so between BARF and my vet, Petunia is living like a normal happy healthy life. She's my baby and I'd do anything for her so I won't feed her anything but BARF. The skin problems and lack of hair are no longer an issue. As you can see from the pictures she's so cute, happy, and healthy.

- Christopher Coggins
Wilmington, DE

No more itching, no more red eyes! Pepper would rub her back on the ground and always have a red belly. Once on the BARF Diet, it all cleared up in a couple of weeks.

- Sherry Butler
Bedford, TX

Pago and Sasha's allergy problems are gone. They are the healthiest dogs really and I absolutely attribute that to what they are eating, the BARF Diet. They're doing great, even at 10 and 13 years old. We never have to clean their teeth.

- Debby Allen

Noah could not stop itching, and his attitude was very bad. He was in training constantly, give him an inch and he would take a mile. The only thing that stopped his itch was prednisone and antibiotics for sores.

This went on for over 2 years and then I found BARF! The more I read the more I did for this dog. Raw everything! Noah did end the cycle and end the meds. His attitude changed and he is the sweetest dog who loves everyone. My friends come over to see him first.

- Theresa Palleschi
Brentwood, NH

I spell his name Roscoe, he's a big 3 yr old Basset/Beagle mix, almost 60lbs!, and not chubby anymore since he's been on the BARF.

He started displaying symptoms around October/November '12 when his ear discharge became noticeable and then his nose started to scab and crust over before turning raw. And the area near his eyes had scabs. We tried some topical meds from the vet and switched him from Blue Wilderness holistic kibble to Science Diet.

Nothing worked and then we tried BARF in January but didn't give it enough time since symptoms were worsening and I got nervous.

We went back to the vet, changed his diet back to Science Diet and put him on a few rounds of steroids (prednisone) as well as eye meds and ear drops. As soon as the steroid round ended, symptoms returned. Last option was a drug called Atopica and at this point he diagnosed Roscoe with lupus.

I decided to try BARF instead since Atopica had some serious possible side effects and this was when the vet said he would see me in a month.

8 months later, he's the healthiest dog I can ask for and loves his BARF Diet patties. Quite a transformation from the sick dog he was.

I try to tell other dog owners about the benefits I experienced all the time, so their pets can be just as healthy as Roscoe.

- Kirill Galperin
Brooklyn, NY

I am writing to tell you how grateful that I am to have read, "The BARF Diet" years ago. Being an animal lover and health nut, it just went along with what I believe. Animals are no different than we are with needing natural, back to nature, nutrition. Processed dog food is just like our junk or fast food. The nutrition has been cooked out of it. Animals should not be getting our diseases like cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

I have a black lab whose name is Sadie. She is 6-years-old and still looks and acts like a puppy. She goes to work with me every day at...people stop by to see Sadie and bring friends back to see her. They cannot believe her shiny coat and pearly white teeth.

- Kathy Deason
Las Vegas, NV

My Maltese, Grace was so sickly before I switched her to the BARF Diet. She was highly allergic to fleas, suffered from hot spots and was just a mess. She couldn't even run around anymore - it was very painful to see her this way. She completely turned around for the better after only a month on the BARF Diet and also when I started adding the E-BARF Plus supplement. This combination really helped her a lot! I also stopped using Frontline and those other flea medications that I suspect were doing more harm than good. Instead, I only use natural flea products now. Thank you BARF World!

- Karen Fread
Eighty Four, PA

My weimaraner, Kali (1.5 years) has been on the BARF Diet since she was 5 months old. She is a happy, healthy and well balanced dog because of it. Her coat is silky and soft, her teeth and gums look great, she rarely passes loud stinky gas and her stool - yes her poop - is wonderful too. When she was 4 months old, we became worried because she pooped a lot and it did not smell well.

Many people are surprised when we tell them about her food and some dog owners can't believe it. That's what happens when we become brain washed by the pet food industry.

Anyway, I have forwarded your website to all my friends with animal and have made one convert. Thanks for the video on salmonella. I had that conversation the other night and was telling my friends, who I am trying to convert, that there is no reason to worry.

- Paula

My dog, Serena has had allergies since she was 6 months old (she is now 5). She has had ear infections, severe skin issues where she scratched until she would bleed, and urinary tract infections from licking. She was at the vet at least once a month - during allergy season, sometimes more. We had her tested for her allergies and gave her shots. The shots seemed to help a little bit, but after 2 years I was not happy with the results.

I changed her food, tried different shampoos, skin lotions...etc. She was so used to being on steroids and antibiotics that she would swallow pills with no problem. I hated to give her medications knowing all of the side effects and how they can shorten her life.

Serena was so bad one morning, I called the vet asking to give her a steroid shot. Her normal vet was not in and I saw a covering vet who asked if I ever tried a raw diet. I never even thought about it since her kibble was supposed to be the best! The vet suggested I call BARF and give it a try.

I had many concerns about the diet: ONE big thing was Serena was not a big eater. Her food could sit for days sometimes and she didn't care - but loved water. We would fill her water bowl at least 5 times a day. She was like this since a puppy! I had her tested for diabetes because she was always thirsty.

I called BARF and decided to give it a try. Shipping was very fast. We got our order and I was very excited to start...Serena was not! It took about a week for her to even try it. I would call BARF would talk to Amber and Evan for ways to get her to eat this new food. I was not going to give up and neither were they. Amber and Even would call me and see how Serena was doing. Finally we got Serena to eat the raw diet....and she LOVES it!!! She goes crazy for it (it's gone in about 20 seconds), and even comes to get us for her meals.

I will say, 2 weeks into the new diet she became super itchy and I called BARF and they were great explained that some dogs have a lot of toxins in them and this could be the cause. I decided to stick with the diet for the 90 days and am soooo glad I did.

Serena looks amazing. She has so much energy, her coat looks great, and she is super happy. We all get sleep now - no itching and no crying for water. Oh and one of the best parts: not only does her skin look better but she hardly drinks any water now!!!! The raw diet has all moisture she needs :)

Everyone has noticed how great Serena looks and I recommend anyone who has a dog with allergies to give it a try. I wish I found BARF 4 years ago. They have GREAT customer service and really care about your dog. It is nice knowing I can call up and change my shipping anytime. I cannot THANK BARF World enough - it is like Serena is a new dog :)

- Dawn Leconche
Cromwell, CT

Here's a picture of my buddy (Rocket); he's a Norfolk terrier, 3-1/2 years old and loving life! My Rocketman has lost all of his extra "pudge." All his itching is gone and he goes nuts when I take it out of the refrigerator. I'm feeding all BARF, morning and evening. He switched pretty seamlessly to the raw food. The vet is very pleased with how he looks.

- Christine Semik

Hi! I just wanted to let you know how well my two "boys" are doing on their BARF diet. I could not be more pleased! We began feeding them BARF in August '07 after a few months of making my own raw dog food. I decided to change for the convenience and assurance their nutritional needs were being met.

I was recently looking at pictures of them from last Spring and was surprised to see how different they look after being on this diet for 8 months. My Yorkie mix had a very thin coat, fleas that would not go away, and tear stains. Today he is flea-free, has a thick, shiny coat and not a tear stain to be found. My Min Pin came to us from a rescue organization last March and was thin from being ill prior to his rescue. He is now glossy and muscular.

I tell everyone I meet about their diet and how well they have responded to it. Thanks for making feeding my dogs well so very easy. I am going to try it on my cat with the addition of the extra protein. I will let you know the results!

- Cherie Gudauskas
East Hampton,

My 2 bulldog's Rufus and Lexxie are my babies. I was really worried about their health before we started the BARF Diet. Rufus had issues with yeast and was overweight. Within the last 30 days he is full of energy and I could hardly recognize him! We have notice a whole lot less pooping, especially with Lexxie, she use to poop 4-5 times a day, now twice, MAX! Rufus also had a problem with pooping after being put on an anti-inflammatory for a leg injury and that has virtually disappeared since BARF, AND we had them on another Raw Diet Food and saw pretty much no difference with anything, all Raw Diets are NOT equal! My family is so grateful for the BARF Diet and we couldn't be any happier to see Lexxie and Rufus thriving.

- Cher Castro
Corona, CA

"Joker is my Jack Russell Terrier. We started him on the BARF Diet to help him gain weight. He is missing his back teeth, so getting him to put on weight has been a challenge. Not only does he love the food, but his weight has dramatically improved in the month or two that he has been on the BARF Diet. I have my Joker back to normal, squirrel-hunting in the backyard!"

- Charlotte Rodkey
Fort Walton Beach, FL

The BARF diet was our last resort for Scout - we were going to put him to sleep. Anything we put him on gave him nasty diarrhea and he would get bloody, slimy stools. Plus it seemed like he had an allergy to everything. We had him on Science Diet meat and rice (the bland diet) which wasn't working. Then the vet told us to try the BARF Diet and I said, "Well if this doesn't work, I don't know what else to do." I did some research online and thought it was a lot of work to make it myself. Then your website came up so I placed an order. Once we switched Scout to the BARF Diet, he instantly turned around. We also make sure to give him the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil too. He's doing great on that.

- Alice Slease
Milton, FL

I have the worlds best Shih Tzu (Cirra, 4.5 years old) and she was struggling with allergies ever since she was a puppy. We put her on limited restriction diets the vet had recommended. She was only eating her dry-food but nothing helped with her allergies. About 2-4 times a year we had to put her on antibiotics to heal her skin and a lot of money. After doing some research on-line I came across raw diets. I started doing the raw food, buying meaty bones, variety of meat, guts and so on. I started seeing results in her but it was getting very hard to get the variety of raw food that she needed and knowing portion sizes, a lot of planning and effort. I then did some more research and found BARF. BARF has made it so much easier to have Cirra on her raw food diet. I know how much to giver her, the order is on auto ship and comes directly to my home, and she LOVES it. She loves all the flavors!

Cirra has been on the BARF diet for 1 month now and she is doing fantastic! Her coat is great and for the first time ever we have been able to grow her coat out. Her allergies are gone, she seems much happier, more alert and affectionate. She does not have to just eat dry-food but she eats food she loves and with enjoyable treats of meaty bones and veggies.

Al was very nice and friendly and answered all my questions. My vet did not recommend that we switch her to raw food but we decided to do it any ways and Al helped us answer any questions we had. Raw food makes so much more sense for any dog, after all that is what they eat in the wild.

- Sabah Corso
Miami, FL

I am a believer in raw food for my dogs. I try to feed my family only the healthiest, most natural foods possible, so why would I want any less for my dogs. I am so committed to feeding my dogs raw foods that initially, I was making it myself. The process is very labor intensive. I eventually began searching for a raw dog food that would meet my requirements of being domestic and truly raw. This is when I found BARF. Our retrievers look great, and no one has allergy issues. Their coats are beautiful, and nobody can believe that Buster, our 14 year old continues to look so good.

- Andrea Greenberg
San Diego, CA

I really don't know what to share, Beauty is a handful, she has a lot of energy. She has 4 patties each day. Seems to know exactly when its mealtime! I feel that she likes her food.Her coat is great.Her teeth are beautiful. She seems to be settling down but no where near soon enough.

- Lita Bagley
Columbia Falls, ME

We've been using E-BARF Plus for 4 years now. I've noticed that if he doesn't use the supplements his problems come back. He is a yellow lab with allergies and a sensitive tummy. Our holistic vet recommended E-BARF Plus and it worked. And I just wanted to say, anytime I call (BARF World), everyone is always so nice and gives great customer service. They are always inquisitive about how our pets are doing. Its amazing the level of concern there is about our pets- I appreciate that very much!

- Derek & Tricia Albert
Oro Valley, AZ

When we got Reuben he didn't eat for 4 days. Since he had already fasted by refusing to eat, I decided to start feeding him raw. I got him started on hamburger until my order of BARF came. He now goes NUTS when it's time to eat. He is no longer itchy like he was when he came so I'm sure his allergies are a thng of the past! Thank you!!

- Edith Chupp
Chouteau, OK

My husband and I have a Potcake rescue from the Turks & Caicos Islands named "Diva". She's the best dog ever! Before I discovered the BARF diet, she had a dry, flaky coat that required a daily omega oil supplement, she needed a dental cleaning and had "doggy breath". With the BARF diet, everyone comments on her shiny, soft coat, her teeth and gums are beautiful, her breath is fresh and she looks like a million dollars! I am lucky to have a vet who believes in a raw diet, and I am thankful to have found the wonderful people at BARF World who make it so easy to feed raw. I love you guys! - Betsy Clark from Haymarket, VA

- Betsy Clark
Haymarket, VA

Mishka is doing really good. I can definitely see the difference. Her fur is the main difference I'm noticing along with the energy increase. My parents used the BARF diet on their dogs and I know it works.
Mishka's eyes are doing better. She has a partial tear gland so she does not have the capacity to make enough tears. I think as she is getting old it might be getting a bit better and that's helping. The diet does help, I have noticed a difference when she is on it. She doesn't make the yucky mucus that she did before.

- Christina Quinby
Wilmington, NC

Lexi has lost weight. She is down 10 lbs from when she was overweight. Her teeth are white. She really is a beautiful dog- people stop their cars so they can look at her!

- Nancy Ruiz
Fairfax, CA

When we first got Chloe and Heidi they were 8-weeks old and had been on kibble. They pretty much came with digestive issues, especially our Westie (Chloe). There was a lot of bloody diarrhea - both of them - and I had just lost another Westie to bloody diarrhea before then. The thought of losing a brand new puppy to the same thing - I just couldn't stand it!

We were looking online for what to do about bloody diarrhea and came across BARF. We thought it was a joke at first - BARF for dogs! But I got to reading about it and ordered some books to do my research. We decided that this might be the way to go.

Boy, once they got on the BARF Diet, they were fine. The change was almost immediate! They haven't had any problems since, we don't need to go to the vet, their teeth have never been cleaned the four years they have been on BARF because they have never needed to be cleaned. They are just real healthy! I swear by raw foods. I've told a lot of people about it. You put a lot of care and quality into your product.

- Pamela Bashor
Wauseon, OH

They really are doing well on the raw food. Gracie's allergies have gotten considerable better. She would scratched dramatically. She had a bald spot with some scar tissue that the doctors wanted to remove the spot with surgery. But on BARF diet the hair finally grew back. The bald spot is gone!

- Christopher & Lisa Ragan
Midland, TX

Tess and Watson love the BARF Diet. Since they started on it, they are doing great. No digestive problems and normal poops and the breath is so much better. Watson, our pup, was really sensitive to conventional foods and had icky bowel movements. We tried him on more than 10 different foods but nothing worked like this raw food diet.

- Mark Evans
Louisville, KY

I am the happiest mother of two precious doggies knowing that the BARF Diet is working miracles for them. My little "hot dog", Sammy has improved 90%. He had the worst bad breath but now it is gone, the itching has decreased and his skin is gorgeous.

Rocky, my golden retriever with arthritis has being improving every day. I have recommended BARF to our friends, telling them to make the switch to this remarkable dog food. Thank you in behalf of my dogs and myself for having the BEST of the BEST food for our beloved dogs.

- Elias and Martha Sanchez
Morton Grove,

First week with BARF and my golden retriever Jake's endless scratching is decreasing. He never ran to his bowl to eat with old diet, now I can't get it into the bowl fast enough. Thanks BARF team.

- Tim Cassidy
Bronx, NY